Practical Information


Ranked among the TOP 700 universties in the world (QS World University Rankings) and following in the tradition of its 90-year-old progenitor University of Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus University is the only higher education institution in the country and one of the few in the region where a wide liberal arts education is imparted.

That means the students can change and organize their schedule freely, minor in one field and major in another, travel abroad on international exchange and get ready for those trips by taking some of the available 26 foreign language courses which never interfere with the specialty subjects.

Located at the heart of the city, VMU is deeply ingrained in the culture of Kaunas, as the city enjoys the university’s Jazz Connections Festival, performances by the VMU Music Academy’s lecturers, students and Alumni, the first professional university theatre in Lithuania, etc.



During the academic year, foreign students are accommodated in VMU dormitory which is located in the city center (Vytauto pr. 71, Kaunas) close to university. There students live in shared rooms for 2 or 3 people. Usually there are two rooms in one block. Each room or block has a bathroom with a sink, a shower tub and a WC. Also there are free internet (broadband) access, table, bed, fridge, wardrobe and chairs in each room. Beddings and towels are provided. Free Wi-Fi is accessible in the reading room. If you prefer living alone, please consider renting a room/flat in Kaunas.

Each floor has a shared kitchen. There are cooking facilities which make it easy for the residents to prepare their own meal. Kitchen utensils (cookware, i.e. pots, pans, etc.) are not provided.There is also a laundry-drying room in the dormitory’s basement, a leisure area with a TV, pool and football tables in the first floor, smoking facilities in the fourth and seventh floors and a spectacular view of the city from the top floors.



VMU dormitory fee for Academic year 2013/2014 is 8 LTL (about 2.5 EUR) for one person per day. The total amount of fee must be counted per month and must be paid by the 10th day of each month (after your arrival!) in the SEB bank ('SEB bankas' in Lithuanian language). No deposit or advance payment is required.

Students can move in to the VMU dormitory starting from 23rd of August (for autumn semester studies) or 24th of January (for spring semester studies) of Academic year 2013/2014. The counting of dormitory fee will start after check-in procedures at VMU dormitory. 12 p.m. marks the beginning of another day stayed at the dormitory. For the check-in in VMU dormitory, students need to provide 2 recent passport size photos (3x4 cm) and a copy of passport or ID card, and to sign the ‘Agreement for accommodation’ in VMU dormitory

For more information, please visit here.

Mentor's Programme

The Mentor’s program aims to make the adaptation process of incoming international students at VMU easier, fosters volunteering and increases international experience among VMU students. A mentor is a student of VMU who has already studied abroad (or perhaps is planning to study in the future), has motivation, international and intercultural experience and voluntarily helps the incoming foreign students.

A mentor:

  • Meets international students in Kaunas train / bus station / airport and accompanies them to the living place or residence;
  • Assists students in orientating themselves at the University and in Kaunas;
  • Helps students in everyday matters and making new friends.

More information is available here.

VMU Organizations and Clubs

Each member of the VMU academic community can find a place in the university where they can satisfy their needs for relaxation, develop their personalities, expand horizons and meet similarly minded people. Academic organizations and clubs at the university draw together students and teachers with diverse needs and interests, providing space for fruitful discussions, exchange of opinions and ideas.

More information is available here.

VMU Arts Centre

The Arts centre unifies all the groups and individual creative initiatives of our university. All the members and initiators have a perfect opportunity to develop their own creative and organizational skills. In the Arts Centre, there are seven artistic goups and several smaller initiative groups which work with contemporary visual art, movement, theatre and musical culture.

VMU Arts Centre official website.

Reaching VMU dormitory

  • Reaching Kaunas from Vilnius Airport;
  • Reaching VMU dormitory from Kaunas Airport (Karmėlava);
  • Reaching VMU dormitory from Kaunas Bus or Train Station;

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