Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship opportunities for SoMu students:
  • Mobility scholarships: since SoMu is an international joint-degree program, students must spend their second and third semester in partner institutions. In order to cover part of the expenses connected to their mobility, enrolled students will receive:
    • mobility grants offered by partner institutions based on bilateral agreements or through other programs such as LLP/Erasmus, on the basis of the individual eligibility and selection to these programs;
  • LLP/ERASMUS programme: Students can apply for an Erasmus scholarship . SoMu students will have an opportunity to apply for Erasmus mobility grants both in Kaunas and in Mainz. For more information about LLP/Erasmus check VMU International website (Kaunas) or JGU Erasmus website (Mainz). For more information about the program see the official website of LLP/ERASMUS programme.


National possibilities for applying for financial support:



  • DAAD: German students can inform themselves about the scholarships provided by DAAD on its website. DAAD also offers scholarships for foreign students who study in Germany. More information about these possibilities here;

  • PROMOS: Promos supports students who want to go abroad. However, students cannot apply for the program personally, the scholarships will be allocated by the university to students who achieved good marks. You can find more information about PROMOS here;

  • Auslands-Bafög (Abroad-Bafög): German students can apply for “Auslands-Bafög”. It is financed by the state and covers partly the travel costs, the health care, the tuition fees and the living costs. The half of the money is a grant and the other half is a loan. Click here for more information about "Auslands-Bafög";

  • Scholarship Foundations: Germany has a few foundations which funds talented students. Click here for more opportunities.