International employment opportunities

Sociolinguistics and Multilingualism offers students a possibility for professional networking and perspectives for their future job mobility within the European labour market. Its successful completion opens an access to further academic studies in thematically related third cycle (doctoral) programmes programs with a subsequent career within the academia and/or a wide array of employment possibilities in the private and the public sectors, e.g. in administrative positions such as counselor on multilingualism issues, in communication matters, and, with additional qualifications, in fields such as political journalism and language-related tasks within the EU as discussed in the section below..

The graduates of the current study programme will be qualified to work in various international, national and local institutions and organizations (both public and private); to work with international and national projects related to multilingualism, language planning and policy; also, counseling on multilingualism issues at political and cultural institutions, including the EU institutions, or continue their doctoral studies in intercultural communication, sociolinguistics, multilingualism, and other fields.